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agile infrastructure & rapid deployment



• Single rack
• Multiple racks
• Secure cages
• Private suites
• Bio-metrics


Racks, Security and Power

• 42 U Racks preinstalled
• 1200 mm (D) x 600/800 mm (W)
• 2N UPS supported power
(A+B) to each rack
• Intelligent PDUs (A+B)
• Security locked racks


Aisle containment

• Raised floor
• 600 mm underfloor plenum
• Hot aisle / cold aisle containment
• Diverse network and power cable management
• 4 Kw – 8 Kw dual power to racks

The main benefits of colocation include:

  1. Cost Efficiency:Colocation allows organizations to avoid the capital expenses associated with building and maintaining their own data centres. Instead, our clients pay a monthly or annual fee for the rented space and services.
  2. Reliability and Redundancy:Our datacentre has dual power sources, backup generators, and redundant internet connections, providing high levels of reliability and minimizing downtime risks.
  3. Security:Our colocation facilities are designed with robust physical and digital security measures, ensuring the safety and protection of collocated equipment and data.
  4. Scalability:Our clients can easily scale their infrastructure by adding or removing servers within the space, without the need to worry about data centre expansion.