Datacentre Availability

Our personnel are fully trained and highly experienced in monitoring and managing every aspect of the facility. Underpinned with 7* maintenance contracts, the datacentre operates at 100% service level.

Our facility maintains 100% SLA for overall service availability. Our SLAs help to set clear expectations, ensure adequate service levels, and establish a framework for resolving disputes or issues that may arise during the course of our relationship.

Service level agreement (SLA) is a contract or agreement between us and our customers. It outlines the terms and conditions for the services provided, including the performance, availability, and reliability of the data centre infrastructure and services.
Our SLA defines the expected level of service that we will deliver and the remedies or penalties if the agreed-upon service levels are not met. It is designed to ensure transparency, establish accountability, and protect the interests of both parties involved.

Key components in our SLA:

1. Service Description: We agree and provide a detailed description of the services being offered by us, including infrastructure resources, network connectivity, security measures, and any additional services like backup and disaster recovery.

2. Performance Metrics: Our SLA defines measurable performance metrics, such as uptime, response time, network latency, and data transfer rates. These metrics specify the expected levels of service and the acceptable thresholds for performance.

3. Availability: Our SLA outlines the guaranteed uptime or availability of the data centre services. It may include provisions for scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance, and notifications regarding planned downtime.

4. Maintenance and Support: It details the maintenance and support procedures, including response times for issue resolution, escalation processes, and the availability of technical support staff.

5. Security and Compliance: Our SLA specify the security measures implemented by the data centre to protect customer data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.

6. Remedies and Penalties: In case the data centre fails to meet the agreed-upon service levels, the SLA outlines the remedies available to our customer, such as service credits, refunds, or termination rights. It also defines the penalties the data centre provider will face for breaching the SLA.

7. Reporting and Monitoring: Should you require provisions for regular reporting and monitoring of the service levels. This ensures that both parties have visibility into the performance and can address any issues or concerns proactively.


Overall Service Availability 100%
Power Systems SLA 100%
Cooling Systems SLA 100%
Logical and Physical Security SLA 100%
Network SLA 100%